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Weekend Worriers Volumes 1 to 3 - Complete Set DVD

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Elliot Sexton and Mr Juicy, the modern age "odd couple", team up to give you an insight into their crazy lives. The duo show their preparation leading up to a series of events and tours, whilst sharing stories from their careers.

In volume one, hear the story about how these two first met, and how they've managed to stay friends throughout their wrestling adventures. Mr Juicy finally opens up about his anxiety issues, and what made him decide to change his life, which he did so by losing over 30 kilograms with the help of Elliot Sexton's personal training program.

In volume two, the duo take you on a ride like nobody else can, from food eating contests to international trips. Featured in this episode are Evie (Dakota Kai), Marcius Pitt, Davis Storm, Travis Banks, James Shaw and many more!

In volume three, Elliot Sexton and Mr Juicy are stuck on an eight hour road trip to Adelaide! This episode also includes Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls (NXT's TM-61), Evie (NXT's Dakota Kai), Jonah Rock, Dowie James, JXT and a whole host of others, including beloved referee Edwin Lay!

These two hold nothing back in this hilarious mockumentary series that you have to see to believe.